Salt Cell Replacements

Salt Cell Replacements

Salt Cell Replacements for Hotspring Spas.

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  • £18.97

    Darlly Pure-Stream Carbon Prefilter Proprietary Carbon media that effectively removes metals. The Closest Thing to filling your Spa with Bottled Water Environmentally Friendly - Reduced Chemical Dependency - Quality Water  Filters upto 8,000 gallons, so for a standard spa this will last many many refills. A standard spa would be around 200 gallons, so...

  • £997.34

    This is the replacement cell for the ACE Chlorine Generator cell. This cell uses electrolysis to convert salt that is dissolved in the hot tub water into usable chlorine to sanitize the spa water.   Easy to replace. (Further details below)

  • £299.00

    The Scepter Salt Cell® ACE® replacement salt cell. USA Made. The ultimate solution for replacing the hot springs ace cell 76078. After 4 years of replacing ace cells, the manufacturer has learnt a lot about the ace system design. The Scepter is made to perform better by improving flow design and placing cell outside the filter. Clear housing makes it...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items