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  • £342.00

    Replacement for the "Paper-clip" or "Trombone" style heater shown in the seventh image. The most common version of this heater in Europe. This heater can be used in pressure switch and non-pressure switch systems. It is the ONLY 1.5kw you need to buy. *** SUPPLIED WITH 2 NEW SENSORS AND O RINGS *** C3564-3 L6760 IHH-1500-NHCW

  • £498.00

    Original Hotsprings No-Fault heater - 3kw. ALL Hotsprings sold into Europe have only ever been fitted with 1.5kw heaters. We have stocks of the brand new 3kw version. No installation changes required. Does not use more electric, simply heats your spa twice as fast. Works in place of pressure switch and non pressure switch systems, so there is no...

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items