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  • £558.21

    This is the pressure switch version used on older spas. Be sure you are buying correctly. There is a grey cable (with a white plug) that comes out of the heater black box and onto the circuit board. This is the LESS COMMON heater, please choose carefully or ask us.

  • £641.82

    Hotsprings No-Fault heater - 3kw. ALL Hotsprings sold into Europe have only ever been fitted with 1.5kw heaters. We have stocks of the 3kw version. No installation changes required. Does not use more electric, simply heats your spa faster.  Works in place of pressure switch and non pressure switch systems, so there is no identification required.

  • £352.69

    Hotspring Watkins No-Fault 1.5kw. Replacement heater for every Hotspring spa imported into Europe the past 20 years. *** Complete with x2 new thermistor sensors  *** GUARANTEED, The Best price on the UK and European Internet for this heater. UK stock. 220v 50hz. ALWAYS IN STOCK. If your heater has a pressure switch cable, you will need a 76229.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items