Balboa spatouch™ Touch Screen touch panels.

All of the panels in this section are compatible with Balboa BP spa systems.

SpaTouch There are no products in this category.


  • SpaTouch1

    The Spa Touch 1 has been discontinued by Balboa.

    Use Spa Touch 2

  • SpaTouch2 and 2T

    These are the Balboa SpaTouch2 and 2T.

    There are 3 types.

    Two of them are rectangular (one small and one large)

    One is Trapezoid.

  • SpaTouch3

    These are the Balboa SpaTouch3

    There are both rectangular, with different sizes.

    The SpaTouch3 is 5.73" x 4.03"

    The SpaTouch3+ is 7.27" x 4.58"

  • SpaTouch Mini

    The smallest of Balboa Touchscreen panels, the SpaTouch Mini.

    Compatible with the Balboa Clim8zone Heat Pump.

  • SpaTouch4

    The latest generation of touchscreen panels by Balboa, the SpaTouch4