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  • Diffusers & Jets Pieces
    Diffusers are the white part on the back of the jet which are generally the only part to break on the jet. Purchasing diffusers in place of complete jets can save you as much as 60% of the price for the complete jet, even more so if you need to replace stainless jets. It also cuts out the headache of trying to identify what jets you have ! There are only 4 types of Waterway diffuser so it's very easy to identify which type you need. There are only 3 types of Pentair diffuser. Waterway diffusers have "stepped" sections to the plastic and Pentair have a more "rounded" design to the plastic which makes it very easy to distinguish between the two manufacturers. We continue to be the only company in Europe that chooses to sell diffusers alone, saving our customers the expense of purchasing complete jets and we never have less that 500 of each diffuser in stock.
  • Hand-Held Jets
  • SCS Jet Bodies
    SCS Industries jet bodies are immediately recognisable due to the black colouring. They are most commonly found on Signature Spas and indeed several other brands being manufactured in Australia or New Zealand.
  • Water Jets
    There are many different types of hot tub jets, from several manufacturers (including Waterway Jets, CMP Custom Moulded Products, Pentair Jets, Hydroair Jets and GG Jets). We have produced the easiest method for jet identification anywhere. For the majority of jet identification, the route starts with 4 simple categories/choices : What do your jets look like and how do they insert into the spa ? Grille style ? Screw in ? Push in ? Twist and Click in ? (80% of jet sales are this type) We have also made a 5th Category, calling it "Weird & Wonderful" ..... these are unclassifiable jets - who knows, the jet you are looking for might just be in there !
  • Waterway Jet Bodies
    Waterway are by far the largest and well known manufacturer of hot tub associated plastics. We estimate that 90% of all spas manufactured use their components. As you move into each of these categories you will find a breakdown of all the associated Waterway jet bodies. To help, and especially if you simply need a jet body of a particular hole size, here are the diameters of the holes required in the spa shell : Ozone Cluster : 1" Cluster Jets : 1" Cluster Storm : 1-1/2" Mini Jets : 1-3/4" Mini Storm : 2-3/16" Poly Jets : 2-5/8" Poly Storm : 2-5/8" Power Storm : 3-3/4"
  • Waterway Jet Tools
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