Heater Assemblies

Heater Assemblies
The heater is a vital component in your hot tub. There are various lengths of Flo Thru heater, 15" being the most common but it is also possible to find 10" and 13"in the UK and Europe along with Low Flow heaters.

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  • Balboa

    Balboa are the World's most common heater and we keep the largest, broadest range of Balboa heaters in Europe. They fall into 3 distinct categories. Those fitted with a pressure switch, those fitted with 2 sensors known as M7 and those fitted with both a sensor and pressure switch which are the least common in the Balboa range.

    Balboa RRP price list for 2022 : Click - HERE

  • Hydroquip
  • Laing

    Laing Thermotech "Infinity" heaters are the best in the industry. Most of the largest hot Tub manufacturers have used or continue to use Laing heaters. Manufacturers such as Dimension 1 Spas, Sundance, Hotsprings, LA Spas and Southwest Spas have all used Laing heaters when designing their spas. The shape and style is VERY specific to each manufacturer.

  • Spa Components Inc
    Spa Components Inc are primary manufacturers of heaters and componentry. They manufacture for several OEM's whilst also providing support for the replacement market in the USA and Europe.
  • Sundance
  • Therm-Aquatemp-RMF


    This section provides many of the heaters in the UK and Europe which have been manufactured by either Thermcore, Aquatemp or RMF, short for Related Metals Fabrications. All 3 of these brands are now manufactured by one company, Therm Products. As such, there has been some part number changes so if you are looking for a heater take care to look carefully and read the details we have provided for each heater as we often give the old part number along with the new replacement. Therm also (now) manufacture the Laing heater.

  • Gecko
  • Astrel

    Astrel have re-designed their line of spa heaters in August of 2020.

    Historically, there were 9 heaters used in Europe.

    There are now just 4. (Except for the 3.6 until stocks sell out)

    All of the heaters are interchangeable with the old style.

    Click on More to cross-reference your heater code -

    Old code New code
    PFEAR230000 PFEAT3110000
    PFEAR200000 PFEAT3010000
    PFEAR3110000 PFEAT2110000
    PFEAR300000 PFEAT2010000
    PFEAR330000 PFEAT2110000
    PFEAR220000 PFEAT3110000
    PFEAR2110000 PFEAT3110000
    PFEAR3010000 PFEAT2010000
    PFEAR120000 PFEAR120000 (Remains the same)

  • Joyonway by Balboa

    Joyonway by Balboa hot tub heaters.

  • Waterway

    Waterway NEO systems use 2 different power heaters.

    The most common would be the 3kw.

    There is a less common 5.5kw

  • Hot-Springs

    Hot-Springs heaters.

    1.5kw and 3kw

    Standard and Pressure switched.

    We can save you over £200 - call us.