Cables and Plugs

Cables and Plugs
The cables and plugs used in hot tubs are J and J which are the grey moulded plugs which connect onto the side of the spa pack and AMP which are the opaque 4 pin plugs connecting directly to the circuit board.

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  • AMP
    AMP plugs and leads connect directly to the circuit board using a 4 pin plug. Single speed or blower plugs have 3 core cables and 2 speed pump plugs have 4 core cables.
  • J and J
    J and J cables are the most common type of replacement cable in the UK and Europe simply because it has been preferred cable connection for at least the last 10 years. They are generally grey, coloured or clear and plug onto the side of the spa pack.
  • Other

    This category shows other VERY useful cables when working on and repairing hot tubs.