Balboa are the World's most common heater and we keep the largest, broadest range of Balboa heaters in Europe. They fall into 3 distinct categories. Those fitted with a pressure switch, those fitted with 2 sensors known as M7 and those fitted with both a sensor and pressure switch which are the least common in the Balboa range.

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  • M7 Sensors
    Balboa M7 heaters are available in 2kw and 3kw. They are instantly recognisable as having two sensors with grey wires fitted to the steel assembly. Some of them are fitted into metal spa packs and others into plastic packs.
  • Pressure switch
    Balboa heaters which use pressure switches are available in 1.5kw, 2kw, 3kw, 4kw and 5.5kw for the European market.
  • Sensor and switch
    The Balboa heater using both a temperature sensor and pressure switch is rarely found in the European market and you should be sure you have this heater before making a purchase.