Electrical Sundries

Electrical Sundries
Hot tub electrical sundries represent all those bits and bobs required to connect, wire and fuse your hot tub.

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  • Cables and Plugs
    The cables and plugs used in hot tubs are J and J which are the grey moulded plugs which connect onto the side of the spa pack and AMP which are the opaque 4 pin plugs connecting directly to the circuit board.
  • Fuses
    Hot tub fuses are always found inside the spa control pack. Some of the fuses are quite small clear glass, others are fairly large BUSS fuses protecting the main pumps and blowers.
  • Relays
    Hot tub circuit boards have several relays and they are nearly always manufactured by Zettler.
  • Transformers
  • Electrodes
    Electrodes for creating bromine in some devices.
  • Stereo Power

    Hot Tub power supplies for stereo's

  • Capacitors

    Hot tub pump capacitors.

    Both styles available : Lead and Spade Terminal.

    Capacitors are VERY easy to identify by the microfarad number on the body of the capacitor.