The fundamental aspects of this section is to show ANY jet which requires to be Screwed In. From small cluster jets and medium sized 4" Poly style right through to Super Large jets - if they require screwing in, they will be found in this section.

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  • Air Injector/Jets
  • Neck Jets
  • Ozone/Cluster Jets
  • Poly Jet
    Poly Jets are available in 3 face styles. 1) Standard Poly. 2) Large Face where the outer rim is much wider. 3) Luxury face with many ridges. It is important to buy the correct style especially when considering the differences between Standard and Large Face. Whilst all these Poly Jets will fit into the jet assembly, the shape of the spa shell may not be recessed sufficently for a Large Face to fit where a Standard or Luxury was originally fitted.
  • Standard Mini Jets