'GEAR' for your hot tub. This is a broad section that includes professional and DIY tools, glue, testing equipment, water care and cleaning products. Hot Tub Covers, cover lifters and cover accessories are also in this section.

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  • Cover Accessories
    A range of products to maintain, protect, clean and improve your hot tub cover.
  • Spa Steps
    Hot Tub Steps by Waterway USA - *Easy Snap Together *33" Non-slip treads *Made of durable UV protected polypropylene *800lbs. weight capacity
  • Thermal Treatments
    Thermal and Acoustic treatments to upgrade the thermal and acoustic properties of your hot tub. Reduce the amount of heat escaping from your spa. Spa Wrap : For wrapping the insides of the hot tub, around the spa shell and behind the panels. Spa Cap : Retains cover heat whilst also protecting the cover. Spa Mack : Covers the entire spa, from top to bottom with the same material used on the Spa Cap. Spa Blanket : Retains water heat whilst also protecting the underside of the cover from chemicals. Spa Thermal Panels : Professional grade thermal panels for the inside lining of hot tub doors and sides.
  • Tools and Supplies
  • Care
  • 303 Products
  • Cover Lifters
  • Inflatable Covers