Circulation Pumps

Circulation Pumps
Hot tub circulation pumps, when fitted to spas, are extremely important. Without their correct running the hot tub will cease to heat and filter correctly. The most common pumps in the UK and Europe are Laing and Aqua Flo.

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  • Aqua Flo
    Aqua Flo are a very common pump fitted to hot tubs in the UK and Europe. There are 2 types recognisable by the wet end which is either side or centre discharge. We will beat any price in Europe on these pumps.

    LX circulation pumps used in a wide range of hot tubs.

  • Chinese replacement
  • ESPA
    Hot tub circulation pumps by ESPA are commonly found in Spaform hot tubs and also known by the name WIPER0
  • Grundfos
    Grundfos circulation pumps for hot tubs.
  • Laing

    Laing circulation pumps are fitted to thousands of hot tubs throughout the World. Just remember that in the past couple of years, Laing have significantly thinned down their range of hot tub pumps. Once upon a time there were all manner of different powered red and black pumps with powers ranging from 65 watts to 130 watts making it very confusing for their customers. Now, there are just 4 pumps to replace any of their pumps. 3/4" barb - Without doubt the most common pump 1-1/2" screw 1" barb 3/4" screw of course, there is also the Laing E5 which is a specific to Hotsprings Spas. WE WILL NOT BE BEATEN ON LAING PUMP PRICES - Buy with Confidence. If you have seen cheaper elsewhere, tell us and we will reduce our price to you.

  • Sundance
  • Waterway

    Waterway manufacture several circulation pumps, the Tiny Might being the most common.

  • Balboa

    Balboa Circulation pumps for hot tubs and spas.