3" Diameter

3" Diameter
The jets in this section ALL have a face diameter of 3". There are 3 manufacturers of 3" jets which can be found in European Spas. Waterway, Pentair, CMP (Custom Moulded Products) Waterway jets are the MOST common and account for at least 80% of jet sales.

3" Diameter There are no products in this category.


  • 3" Diameter C-M-P
    This category contains 3" CMP jets. These jets are very easy to identify due to the black insert on the rear of the jet.
  • 3" Diameter PENTAIR
  • 3" Diameter WATERWAY
    The jets in the following Waterway section ALL have a face diameter of 3". The most common type are known as Waterway Mini Storm and are available with different styles of jet; directional, rotating etc. The most common styles of Waterway Mini Storm jet face are : - 5 Scallop (Smooth and Textured) - Stainless Steel - Smooth plastic (No scallops) Distinguish which broken jet you have and then choose the next category.