3" Diameter

3" Diameter
The jets in this section ALL have a face diameter of 3". There are 3 manufacturers of 3" jets which can be found in European Spas. Waterway, Pentair, CMP (Custom Moulded Products) Waterway jets are the MOST common and account for at least 80% of jet sales.

3" Diameter There are no products in this category.


  • 3" Diameter C-M-P
    This category contains 3" CMP jets. These jets are very easy to identify due to the black insert on the rear of the jet.
  • 3" Diameter PENTAIR
  • 3" Diameter WATERWAY

    Waterway discontinued this style of jet in 2018.

    We are only displaying jet styles and colours where we still have some stock.

    If you cannot find your exact jet, you still have the option of keeping your existing jet face and just replacing the diffuser (the white rear piece)

    If this is still not possible for you, you must replace the jet body and jet to the new Thread-In style.

    For any questions, do not hesitate to ask.