Waterway Pump Parts

Waterway Pump Parts
Waterway hot tub wet ends, impellors, seals and face plates for all of the parts used in Europe. Wet ends are available in either 48 or 56frame and the Executive Euro style can also have either a 2" or 2-1/2" suction.

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  • Capacitors
    Hot tub pump capacitors to fit every style of pump. To identify the capacitor you need, look for the microfarrad rating on the capacitor. It will be a number like 14 16 30. This is the only number you need. You should also check the dimensions of your cap and make comparisons with the ones shown below. ALL of these capacitors are made to fit Italian EMG motors, the style of motor that has "ribs" on the side and a black plastic capacitor box on the top. They will also fit many other brands.
  • Impellors, Seals, O...
    This section contains every part for Waterway wet ends used in Europe. Helpful guides - Face plates : The most common Waterway face plate is 2" The 2-1/2" face plate, easily identified with the larger screw thread, can still be found on many pumps. Seals : There is one seal for the Tiny Mite circ pump and another seal which fits EVERY other Waterway wet end. Impellors : The most common Waterway impellor is found in the Executive wet end. This style of impellor fits both 48 and 56 frame wet ends. It has several part numbers around the front circumference. You need to focus on the inner part where there is a number that will match one of the part numbers on the circumference, easy, or measure the gap. Our pictures and advice on each impellor will guide you. .
  • Wet Ends
    This section contains every wet end you would need to fit European Waterway pumps. Buying Guide - A wet end comes with everything : Front and rear body. Impellor. Seal kit and associated o rings and bleed screws. You simply bolt onto the motor.
  • Fans and Covers
    Waterway (EMG Motor) replacement fans and covers. Very useful if yours has become smashed.
  • Strainers and Baskets