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    Waterway Pumps

    2HP Executive Euro

    56 Frame, 2" Suction

    Waterway pump known as the Executive Euro

    The best prices in Europe on ALL Waterway pumps.

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    Hotspring Heaters Circuit Boards

    Jets and Pillows

    Hotspring Parts.

    Direct from the USA.

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    Gecko - We are the market

    leader for Gecko Electronics.

    Spa Packs, Control Panels

    Heaters and Bundles

    The largest choice

    and the best prices.

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  • Air Source Heat Pumps for Hot Tubs and Swim Spas

    Air Source Heat Pumps

    For Hots Tubs and Swim Spas

    Huge ££££ Savings on electricity consumption.

    Air Source Heat Pumps plumb into your existing hot tub water pipework.

    They can be controlled using either the pump display OR a phone app. 

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  • £29.50

    This hot tub heater element is  3kw. Incoloy 800 metal.  Standard elements are 10" long and terminal distance of 1-1/4" (A Global Standard) All our elements are 220v for fitting into hot tubs across Europe. They fit ALL 15" long tube heaters made by Balboa, Gecko, Hydroquip and many others. Industry Leading 2 year warranty 200+ in stock.

  • £319.00
    P2.5-56-2-EX2 and PF-25-2N22X

    Waterway Two speed 2.5hp pump with a standard 2" suction    

  • £275.52

    Side discharge circulation pump (Common) ORIGINAL Aqua Flo brand. This is the standard power pump. It does NOT have a box on the side. In stock. The best price in Europe for this pump. There is also the higher power pump from Aqua Flo (identifiable with the electrical box on the side of the motor) see other products.

  • £1,820.00

    IN STOCK Gecko 5kw heat pump. Gecko are leading the way with integrating spa heat pumps. Making it incredibly to install and save you vast amounts of electricity, year on year. Your spa electronics must be running 485 Gecko software (see label image) and you can use the Gecko In.Touch or a Y series touchpad, contact us. Please scroll down for further...

  • £653.07

    Hotspring circuit board for replacing your IQ board if your spa was manufactured Post-2002. With Hotspring boards it is ESSENTIAL to visually compare as there are NO PART NUMBERS on any Hotsprings parts. Read further details below.

  • £352.81

    Hotspring Watkins No-Fault 1.5kw. Replacement heater for every Hotspring spa imported into Europe the past 20 years. *** Complete with x2 new thermistor sensors  *** GUARANTEED, The Best price on the UK and European Internet for this heater. UK and Europe 220v 50hz.  ALWAYS IN STOCK.

  • £621.26

    Gecko in.ye5 pack with heater, K8 panel, cables and panel bezel. (Upto) 3 pumps + Circ pump/Ozonator

  • £254.00

    Blue Whale Spa Command StormForce 7 are a range of Pumps The StormForce 7 is a main boost pump.