Spa Components 2005 to present day

Some history . . . .


I cut my teeth on servicing and repairing Dimension 1 Spas, Saratoga, Marquis and Softub between 2001 and 2003, working for Tru-Spas, Worcestershire.
In 2003 and 2004 I started a UK Wide Spa Servicing Company under the name of Pro-Spas, with it's own website which became very efficient in reaching out to customers with broken spas.


During 2004 I began to receive emails and calls from customers and other spa technicians who just wanted to buy parts to fix the spa. In those days, access to parts was very limited. Really, the only place to obtain them was either from Spaform (when they were still based in the UK, Portsmouth) or GG Industries in Hereford (which closed down after being bought by Balboa and the operation moved to Denmark)


The Spaform factory were able to supply Balboa heaters, Hydroair pumps, Aqua Flo Circmasters, Waterway Jets and Bodies (although very limited to use in only their manufacture) and general plumbing and pipe.
GG Industries were best at that time for pumps and motors and I discovered in 2003, just by chance, that they had a 48 frame re-labelled 6.5-1.5amp EMG motor which was exactly the same as used in the infamous Spaform GC-150 with the blue wet end. Like many parts you now take for granted, this motor is still shown on my site as the replacement for the GC-150. This knowledge has been copied many times over since 2005 and can now be found on every competing website, including the seal kit to fit the GC-150 wet end which was and still is the AS201, again a part that needed to be identified, imported and tested for fitment before being shown for sale. 
The simplest things, again that everybody now takes for granted, needed to be learnt and absorbed and correctly shown online. 
Waterway jet colour prefix codes for instance : 0 = White, 7 = Grey, 1 = Black. 
This is baby stuff now, but once upon a time this was groundbreaking.
This took a relentless amount of time, 7 days a week for 3 years in fact and many weeks and months from 6am into the early hours chatting with US suppliers, but it was an essential process to create and grow Spa Components which was launched on Sept 25th 2005 as the FIRST website in Europe to enable Trade and Retail buying of spa parts from the same website, again, copied to this day.


As the parts requests became more numerous and diverse, I began to source products directly from the USA, importing small boxes at a time, then larger boxes and then pallets. Each time, doubling-up on the parts to grow stock.


Fast forward to 2019 and the landscape of the internet with spa parts in the UK and Europe has changed dramatically. All websites now have a broad range and in-depth list of available parts showing but they may not have the sheer depth of knowledge that we posess.


It's easy to sell a part number.


There is no doubt that I have taken more phone calls, read more emails, seen more pictures and identified more spa parts than any single person in Europe. To this day I stlll receive emails from customers with the words "Carl - Please look at this, what pump do I need ? What board do I need ? Have you seen this jet before ?" 


Spa Components