Air Plumbing

Air Plumbing

Air plumbing components are generally smaller then the main water plumbing and they consist of small joiners, small diameter air pipe and manifolds using multiple feeds to the back of every jet equipped to accept an intake of air.

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  • Fittings

    Hot tub plumbing air fittings are generally small couplings and pipe joiners to connect pipe going to the connections onto the backs of the hot tubs jets.

  • Manifolds

    Air manifolds are generally small in diameter with multiple 3/8" connectors which feed air to the 3/8" connections on the back of water jets. They can sometimes be found glued directly into the underside of air controllers.

  • Pipe

    The pipe used in hot tub air systems is generally clear although some manufacturers use a white bath style pipe. Air pipe is of a far smaller diameter than water pipe which makes it very easy to spot the air network in your hot tub when carrying out repairs. Buying help : When choosing, for instance, to buy 3metres you will receive one 3m length.

  • Valves

    Valves (one way valve, air check valves, non-return valves) in the air blower system are predominantly used to stop water flooding back to the electrical hot tub blower.