The Hot Tub Heating section contains ALL of the components required to repair the heating system in a hot tub. It is possible to purchase the complete assembly, the element and all of the associated parts such as the ends, seals and split collars.

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  • Heater Assemblies
    The heater is a vital component in your hot tub. There are various lengths of Flo Thru heater, 15" being the most common but it is also possible to find 10" and 13"in the UK and Europe along with Low Flow heaters.
  • Heater Elements

    Hot tub heater elements are very easy to replace and available in every power rating for the UK and Europe. We were the first company in the UK to offer ALL of the different types and continue to be the largest stockist of elements in Europe. The MOST common type of element is the Standard Style.

  • Heater Seals and Fixings
    To connect to the spa plumbing, all hot tub heaters require x3 parts at each end. The tailpiece which the pipe is glued into, the gasket seal and the split collar which screws onto the tailpiece.