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Circuit boards, sensors, spa packs and heaters.

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  • Packs
  • Fuses

    Fuses for Gecko electronic systems.

    Whilst they are specifically for Gecko, they might fit other systems.

  • Panels

    OLDER PANELS, M-CLASS and S-CLASS, are known by their K codes or TSC codes, identified with a sticker on the back. They also use a white plug.

    NEWER PANELS, IN.SERIES used on IN.YJ, IN.XE, IN.YE and IN.XM can be easily identified by the plug connector.

  • Circuit Boards
  • Bundles

    The latest generation of Gecko Series. Perfect and easy swapping from older Gecko USPA and SSPA Systems. All the bundles listed below contain everything you need. Contact us for advice.

  • Cables

    The most efficient, reliable and safest bromine based water sanitization system ever offered to spa owners. 

    For connection to Gecko systems.

  • Extras
  • Heat Pumps

    Gecko in.Temp heat pumps with seamless integration into Gecko systems


    Click here : Gecko Information Portal

  • Bezels

    Gecko bezels to help with fitting of their panels when you might need to cover a hole after removing a larger panel from a different manufacturer.

  • Lighting

    Gecko LED lighting controllers and Gecko's latest electronics expansion for 2023 and beyond - leds

    Cutting edge led string lighting for Gecko systems.