Hot Tub Parts: This section contains parts that are related to the AIR system in your hot tub. Air is used primarily in two areas of the hot tub - firstly with a blower to introduce a 'bubbling' effect in the water, and secondly with venturi air injection to invigorate the water jet action.

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  • Air Blowers

    Hot Tub blowers are used to pump air into the spa via a network of specific hot tub jets. There are several manufacturers of spa blower including Hydroair, GG Air, Air Supply of the Future and ITT (now Hydroair) supplying the Genesis model (the distinctive blue blower). Like-for-like replacements are available, but replacement with an alternative model is also possible if size and space allow.

  • Air Buttons

    Air buttons are used to control pneumatic pumps, blowers and spa packs and are found mostly on spa jacuzzi baths and some older hot tubs.

  • Air Controls

    Air controls are located on the top edge of the spa shell (most hot tubs). Once rotated and turned on they allow water flowing through the jets to suck air into the venturi, adding extra "fizz" and "bubbles". If water is coming OUT of the air control, you will have a jet blockage. Try removing the jets and clean out dirt and debris. Make sure the jets are clean and any O rings, seals and gaskets are in good condition.

  • Air Injectors/Jets

    Air injectors are generally flat and fairly small. Some of them resemble "pepper pots" some have a cap where the air bubbles blow out from the sides. Others simply have a single hole. What they all have in common is that they are connected with air pipes to the air blower, via manifolds that distribute air to the individual air jets.

  • Air Plumbing

    Air plumbing components are generally smaller then the main water plumbing and they consist of small joiners, small diameter air pipe and manifolds using multiple feeds to the back of every jet equipped to accept an intake of air.

  • Air Switches

    Pres Air are the primary manufacturer of switches for hot tub and many other industries. We stock all of the MOST common switches for the spa market. To help with the identification, all of these images are of the exact part.