Balboa Circulation pumps for hot tubs and spas.

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  • 1031030 and 1030025

    Balboa circ pump. There are 2 part numbers for exactly the same pump. The fitments are identical. This particular pump uses the lower quality Chinese motor. We have chosen not to sell it and only offer the US motor version in the same category.

  • £248.41

    Balboa circ pump using the high quality US Motors motor with an Ultimax wet end. Balboa part number 1030120. It has exactly the same fittings as the 1031030 and 1030025. 1-1/2" fittings. Take note of the motor with the electrical box on the side to be sure it does not clash with any parts in the pump location.

  • £98.47

    Balboa circulation pump wet end to fit : 1031030, 1030025 and 1030120 pumps. A wet end is complete, with everything inside. Just bolt onto the motor

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items