Sensors and Switches

Sensors and Switches
Pressure switches and sensors are fitted to hot tubs to monitor operating conditions. Correct fitting and adjustment ensures your spa is operating safely.

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  • Air Switches
    Heater air (pressure) switches as less common in Europe. We stock all of the MOST common switches. All of these images are of the exact part.
  • Flow Switches
    Flow switches are less common in hot tubs than pressure switches. They detect water flow. Water flow moves a tiny paddle that operates a micro switch.
  • Pressure Switches
    Pressure switches protect your hot tub against low flow situations, which would otherwise result in damage to your hot tub 'workings'. When flow is insufficient through the heater the pressure switch shuts off the heater. Most pressure switches are adjustable, but make sure that water flow isn't restricted by another cause first (such as dirty filters) before making adjustments.
  • Temp & Hi-Limit Sensors
    These temperature sensing devices are present to protect your spa from overheat conditions. Sensing bulbs are gas-filled and some may have adjustment facilities.