Balboa electronics have been used in the manufacture of hot tubs for many years and are the main name in the industry.

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  • Packs

    Balboa spa packs for GS, GL and M7 systems. When it comes to buying a Balboa spa pack, you will likely need to match it to either your existing touchpad or purchase a new one. The simplest method of matching Packs and Panels is this : GS Packs with a only Z designation (example GS501Z) will work with only Duplex touch pads. GS Packs with an SZ designation (example GS510SZ) will work with only Standard touch pads. GS Packs with a DZ designation (example GS523DZ) will work only with Deluxe touch pads. GL Packs (the entire range) will only work with ML touch pads. We will Price Pledge against any supplier of Balboa - contact us

  • Panels

    Spa Components have the BEST prices in the UK on all of the Balboa touchpads and Overlay stickers.

    If you think you have found cheaper, please let us know.

  • Circuit Boards

    This is a Balboa circuit board category showing all the boards we have sold since 2005.

    If you cannot see the board you need, please contact us with the circuit board number. All Balboa circuit board numbers are shown on the board, on a barcode sticker. It is a 5 digit number and starts with 5.

    We will Price Pledge against any supplier of Balboa - contact us

  • Various other
  • Remote and Phone Control

    Balboa "Dolphin" remote controls can be utilised for operating both the hot tub and stereo controls. The hot tub must be equipped with an infra red "eye" which can be easily retro-fitted if the spa was not supplied with one from the factory.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item