Waterway electronic systems. BRAND NEW FOR 2015 One NEO2100 system pack with expansion daughter boards and colour LCD control panel. The NEO2100 system pack works with ALL control panels, for a no-hassle fitment.

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  • NEO Kits
    Waterway NEO2100 Retro-fit kits. Everything you need for an easy system change. All kits contain the spa pack including heater and all sensors, touch panel with overlays and cables. There is no other manufacturer than has created a Retro-Fit system to cover so many configurable options with one spa pack. There are 2 kits available, both using the same pack. One pack is supplied with the larger 2100 touchpad and the other with the smaller 1100 panel. Please read the descriptions and details and contact us if your need configuration advice.
  • NEO Packs
    Waterway NEO2100 spa packs. ONE spa pack with the ability to add expander (sister) boards to extend their operation to upto 4 pumps. The base system will run : x2 two speed pumps, Blower, Circ pump, Ozone, Light, Sensors built-in. 3kw heater.
  • NEO Touchpanels
    There are 3 types of touch panel that work with the NEO2100 system. The Largest 2100 panel is available in 6 button configurations (for multiple pumps) The Mid-size 1100 panel is available with 1 button configuration (for one pump systems) The Small 1000 panel is available with 1 button configuration (for one pump systems)
  • NEO Circuit Boards
  • Heaters