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With the power to drain 10 to 12 gallons per minute and the ability to “vacuum as it drains”, using the 1' hose.

QuickDrain is the new answer.

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Primary Use:

QuickDrain was designed as a better way to drain hot tubs and spas. Hot tub owners have to drain their tubs every 6 to 8 weeks. Prior to QuickDrain this was a lengthy, frustrating process, particularly in the cold winter months.

All hot tub’s have drains. The problem is that they tend to be very slow, with a typical tub taking up to 3 hours to drain and as it drains, any debris in the water tends to settle in the seats and floor forcing the owner to crawl in and “towel it out”. A frustrating job on a cold winter day.

A submersible pump is an alternative to the tubs internal draining mechanism. A larger pump will speed things up and drain a typical tub in 30 minutes, but again, the debris remains in the tub and settles in the seats and floor. You still have to crawl in and “towel it out”.