Ahh-Some for Hot Tubs/Jetted Baths - Single Dose


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Ahh-Some Hot Tub Spa bio Cleaner.

Single dose packet.

Tear open, dose the spa water, run the spa.

(Read down)

Amazing stuff.

We were the first company to bring Ahh-Some to the UK and Europe back in 2006 and we personally tested it in a spa before buying more.



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Ahh-Some for Hot Tubs/Jetted Baths - Single Dose


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Ahh-Some Bio Cleaner usage instructions - Drain Down Flushing

1. Remove filter cartridges and place in hot tub water

2. Add sachet of “Ahh-Some Hot Tub & Spa Gunk Rid Bio Cleaner” to the hot tub water

3. Run all the jets on “high” for about an hour.

4. Drain hot tub, clean according to manufacturer instructions

5. Refill tub with fresh filtered water (make sure filters are placed back in)

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